He is a fine young man who is using his talents for the glory of the Lord in his special Illusionist presentation; What he does in each performance is outstanding and has left the people here at Word Of Life summer camps amazed. The outstanding thing with Jeremy is that every thing he shares has a wonderful Biblical application. The Word of GOD is presented and illustrated in such a unique way, the message of salvation is clearly presented in every performance. He has presented programs for boys and girls, young people and adults every week and I can say that he is deeply appreciated and admired for his ability to present the Gospel in such a clear, different and entertaining way. He is always careful to let his audience know that it is not a magic show but an illusion. He comes highly recommended and may he be a blessing to you and your people.


Harry Bollback, Co-founder Word Of Life



I have had the privilege of watching Jeremy Biesecker minister to children, teens and adults through Gospel Illusions. He is very professional and practical in his presentation. Jeremy has a wonderful heart for God and cares about people. I have watched his presentation multiple times and am still amazed at his ability to do illusions that seem impossible. His creativity in communicating Biblical truth through his illusions is one of his ministry strengths. I recommend Jeremy to your church or ministry, knowing that he will be a blessing.


Mike Calhoun, Former Sr. Vice President, Word of Life Fellowship, Inc.



Amazing - that is how I would describe Jeremy Biesecker and his Gospel Illusions! As a graduate of the Word of Life Bible Institute we enjoyed many presentations by Jeremy. Each time he would draw his audience in such a way everyone watched closely to see how did he do that. The uniqueness of Jeremy's entertainment is that it is exciting for all ages - and most importantly, it is with the purpose of sharing the Gospel. This is accomplished with his skill and sleight of hand!


Rev. Eric Ric Garland, Former Vice President Word of Life Bible Institutes



We have had the pleasure of knowing Jeremy Biesecker and have watched him grow spiritually over the years. We have encouraged him in the ministry of Gospel illusion and have watched him develop in excellence through the talents the Lord has given him. His ministry of illusions will not only entertain and draw a crowd, but also gives a clear presentation of the Gospel and presents a great challenge to Christians to grow in the Lord. It is with great pleasure that we recommend him to you.


Lawrence Thomas, Former Senior Pastor South New Milford Baptist Church



We had Jeremy come to do a youth rally with over 200 people from different churches and everyone had an incredible time.  He did a great job keeping their attention with a combination of illusion, personal interaction with the audience and a clear gospel message. Never having seen his show in person before this, it was even better than I could have hoped.  At the very beginning of the show he did a series of illusions to the song "Our God is an awesome God" that left us "in awe."  He also made clear throughout that this was all for God's glory, and we had several people respond at the end when he gave a call to accept the LORD.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants an uplifting and challenging service for children, youth or adults.


Rev. Johnny Blake, Pastor of Mifflinburg Assembly of God

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