In addition to being an illusionist, Jeremy is also an author. Each book can be purchased on For signed copies, please contact.

The Sunken Train Car (Radical Roadblocks Book 1)

Nearly getting killed by a mysterious train car careening down a mountain into Lake Wiloko is not something Travis Mortley can take lightly. But what may have been a freak accident could also be something much more sinister. Travis and his friends are determined to solve the mystery but they’re divided on what God wants them to do. Some want to go up the mountain to investigate, but doing so could be suicide.

The Gold Pyramid (Radical Roadblocks Book 2)

Word Of Life Camps

Nestled within the beautiful Adirondack Mountains are four very special places where thousands of lives have been changed forever. Learn the amazing history of each camp from what the properties were before Word of Life acquired them, what they were like in their early days, how they've changed over the years, and what they're like today. Included in the book are hundreds of rare photographs and little known details about each camp.

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