In addition to being an illusionist, Jeremy is also an author. Each book can be purchased on For signed copies, please contact.

Mystery Of The Sunken Train Car

No one will believe it unless they find it. After being injured and nearly killed by a mysterious train car careening down a mountain, Travis Mortley is faced with the dilemma of figuring out what happened and proving that the event was real. Despite his injuries, nobody will believe him that it was really a train car, not even his best friends. To prove he was right, Travis must find the train car which lies at the bottom of Lake Wiloko. Like searching for a needle in a sea of haystacks, Travis and his friends set out on a mission to find it and figure out what happened. Going up the mountain to investigate is out of the question, until his friend Diane feels God telling her to go herself. Determined to follow God's leading, she will stop at nothing, even though she has no idea what dangers may be lurking. Travis must face his fears as he helps her on a mission that could cost them their lives. Join Travis and his friends as they try to solve the mystery of the sunken train car.

Legend Of The Gold Pyramid

When impossible discoveries are made, the results are anything but certain. While fleeing for his life, missionary Peter Sharp tumbles into a cave, where he discovers something that can’t be real- a pyramid made of gold. Before he can get out, to his utter shock, he finds himself back home as if nothing ever happened. Was it real, or was it a dream? It’s a mystery that Peter and his friends cannot solve. After hearing a nearly extinct legend of an ancient tribe that spent hundreds of years collecting gold, they decide that such an artifact might just be real. But if such a pyramid does exist, and word gets out, it could lead to the most violent gold rush in human history. Join Peter and his friends in the jungles of Brazil where they face savage natives, dangerous criminals and unexpected turns in their attempt to solve the legend of the gold pyramid. (Note that this book is a sequel to "Mystery Of The Sunken Train Car")

Word Of Life Camps

Nestled within the beautiful Adirondack Mountains are four very special places where thousands of lives have been changed forever. Learn the amazing history of each camp from what the properties were before Word of Life acquired them, what they were like in their early days, how they've changed over the years, and what they're like today. Included in the book are hundreds of rare photographs and little known details about each camp.

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