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"Mystery Of The Sunken Train Car"


It has nothing to do with illusions, but after about two and a half years of work, Jeremy's first book is finally available. The tagline for the book is as follows-


"When Strange things happen, even your best friends may never believe you. Travis Mortley learns this the hard way when he is injured and nearly killed by a mysterious train car rolling down a mountain into Lake Wiloko. Like searching for a needle in a sea of haystacks, Travis sets out on a mission to try to find the train car and figure out what happened. Going up the mountain to investigate is out of the question, until his friend Diane decides to go herself. Travis must face his fears as he helps her on a mission that could cost them their lives."


More information and a video can be found on "Covenant Books".


The book can be purchased through-



Barnes and Noble




Word of Life Camps



For those of you who have visited the Word of Life camps in Schroon Lake/Pottersville NY, this book tells the amazing history of each camp, from what the properties were before Word of Life owned them, how Word of Life acquired them, what they were like in the early days, how they've changed over the years, everything up to what they're like today. The book contains hundreds of rare vintage photographs and little known details, and can be purchased through-



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