Photo Restoration Services

In addition to shows, Jeremy also offers photo editing services, including Photo Restoration, Photo Alteration and Slide Scanning.



Photo Restoration

Many old photos have tears, marks, and missing sections. These can be digitally restored.

Photo Alteration

Sometimes photos contain people and objects that are not wanted. These can be digitally removed. New objects can also be added.


Slide Scanning

Slides and film can be copied into digital form. Note that slides frequently have many marks on them which may incur restoration fees.



Photo restorations and alterations usually cost $10 - $50 per photo, but can be more depending on how much restoration work is needed.


Additional costs may include-

  1. Scanning (this only applies to slides)- 50 cents per slide.
  1. A CD copy of the picture(s)- $2.00 plus shipping.                                   



Photo’s and slides can be sent to

Jeremy Biesecker

PO Box 23

Gibson PA, 18820


Or e-mailed to




After editing is finished, they can be e-mailed or sent on a CD.